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10 Fitness Tips from Sia Cooper [Diary of a Fit Mommy]

1. What does your daily diet look like?

I eat the same thing everyday usually. For breakfast, I am obsessed with Kodiac Cakes protein muffins that come in the little cup. They are high in protein and take 1 minute to make. I have one cup of black coffee and one cup of Alive tea every morning. For lunch, I will eat protein such as chicken or tilapia paired with greens and a starch. For dinner, I love using HelloFresh-it is my new obsession so we make something new nightly as a family. For my snacks, I love raw almonds, protein shakes, and fruit. At bedtime, I love having my Relax tea to help me sleep.

2. How do you find the time to workout with a child and crazy business schedule?

I get asked a LOT about this. I do not start my workout until my daughter takes her first nap. As soon as those eyes close, I hit my treadmill and the weights. You literally have to use every spare second you’ve got and make priorities. You can sit there and think, well I can use this time to watch tv or I can go run. Your choice. While she is awake, sometimes I will put her in her high chair and let her snack while she watches me lift. Better yet, sometimes I use her as a weight!

3. What’s your advice for moms who are looking to get in shape after childbirth?

Train when you are ready and do not feel pressured by how fast other moms bounce back or how slowly you do. Realize that your body may never be the exact same, but it CAN be even better than ever before.

4. What are your best 3 tips for someone looking to get a toned stomach, just like yours?

1) Eat clean. 2) Add more cardio into your routine. 3) Drink more water. It all sounds so simple and bogus, but people fail to do these three little no-brainers every single day.

5. What motivates you to train?

Now that I am a mother, my kids motivate me more than anything. I want to set the best example possible. I also want to be around for them as long as possible so I want to make sure that I am doing everything that I can to stay fit as I get older.

6. How did you get involved in fitness?

I jumped into the fitness world when I decided to lose the excess weight I had been carrying around from eating junk food and downing sodas. I ended up losing 50lbs and became obsessed with how GOOD working out and eating clean made me feel. I figured if I could help someone feel the exact same way, it would be incredible to share that.

7. How do you balance being a mom, your career and taking care of your body? Are you wonder woman?

Some days I have to ask myself the same exact thing! I feel as if I want to pull my hair out most days because it is not easy making it all work. However, it is a matter of how bad I want it that keeps driving me every single day. I could hit the snooze button and tell myself, “not today,” or I can jump out of the bed with a “can do it” attitude and get shit done. I have a family to take care of and to provide for, but I must not forget myself. If I do not take care of me, then how will I take care of anyone else?

8. What is your current training routine like? How many days a week?

I train 5 days per week-Monday through Friday and relax on the weekends. I like to start with cardio sessions lasting 30 minutes or so and end with weightlifting for 20 minutes. I rotate various body parts every day so I can keep my muscles from being over-worked.

9. If you could give our readers 1 health tip – what would it be?

To keep going. You won’t see results in a week.. you may not even see results in two weeks. But just keep going. Too many people expect a quick result and end up quitting right when things start to change which is so sad! Stop weighing yourself and just keep going. Notice how you feel-not how you look.

10. Who do you look up to most in the fitness industry that is also a mother?

The person who I have always looked up to is Jamie Eason. I also love Ashley Horner. Both fitness models are mothers and they train so hard and it truly shows. They are also super encouraging to follow on social media because they uplift other women.

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