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10 Organic Appetite Suppressants to Help Lose Weight

As much as you may wish it were otherwise, overeating is all too easy. If you find yourself indulging in too many snacks each day, you might be wondering if there are any filling, low-calorie foods to eat instead.

It’s common to ask yourself how to stop my appetite, but finding real answers isn’t also easy.

Today, that changes.

This article will walk you through some of the best appetite suppressants and weight loss foods to help you learn how to lose appetite completely.

By following the advice here, you can keep your hunger satiated and start turning away from calorie-laden snacks. And by eating the right natural appetite suppressants, your goal weight can become obtainable.

What Is an Appetite Suppressant?

Usually pills, drinks or whole foods, appetite suppressors are specifically tailored to keep you from overeating. Weight loss pills are a prime example, but these over-marketed products often aren’t capable of producing the results they claim.

In contrast, natural appetite suppressants are a healthier way to lose weight because they regulate your hormones to help you feel full and even avoid emotional eating. Because these appetite suppressants come from natural foods, you have less worry of suffering from low quality, tainted, synthetic, and even unlisted ingredients prevalent in weight loss pills.

To be clear, the appetite suppressants in this article won’t melt fat from your middle like a magic diet solution.

However, when used as part of a healthy lifestyle, they can help you keep your weight in check by regulating your eating and making it easier to make smart dietary decisions each day.

Top 10 Natural Appetite Suppressants

1. Cinnamon

If you’re craving flavor without committing to sugar, consider sprinkling some cinnamon into your breakfast oatmeal, coffee, or even yogurt. Not only will it make your meals tastier, but cinnamon has been shown to lower blood sugar levels and make it easier for you to turn down sweetened foods. This leads to natural appetite suppression and helps you lose weight over time.

2. Flaxseeds

study shows that adding a few scoops of flaxseeds to your meals might keep you feeling fuller, longer. This is because they contain a substance called mucilage, which is a water-soluble fiber that forms a gel-like consistency when combined with water. This material makes the flaxseeds take up more room in your stomach, and they slow down the digestion process. This keeps you feeling fuller and more satiated throughout the day.

Likewise, flaxseeds are filled with healthy fats and naturally low in calories. For this reason, a studyhas shown that small daily doses can help suppress appetites and reduce snacking impulses. Perhaps best of all, flaxseeds are known to reduce inflammation, making it easier for your body to let go of stored water and fat so that you weigh less overall.

3. Green Tea Extract

Move over coffee!

Another form of caffeine may be an even better natural appetite suppressant. Green tea has been a favorite drink for thousands of years, and a daily cup or two can reduce mindless snacking, thanks to the catechins it contains.

Scientists believe that these prevalent antioxidants can inhibit glucose from turning into fat cells, and it keeps your blood sugar levels from rising higher than they should. EGCG, the most common catechin in green tea, can also slow down the fat cell duplication process and help your body burn more fat for energy.

There is evidence that drinking green tea may contribute to weight loss, too. An analysis of 14 studies on the benefits of green tea found that regular consumption is linked to statistically significant amounts of weight loss, especially when around 857 milligrams are taken each day. This is likely because green tea lowers your body’s level of ghrelin, a hormone linked to making you feel hungry. The analysis also shows that drinking green tea can lead to improvements in cholesterol levels and increases adiponectin, a compound that helps fight inflammation and insulin resistance.

4. Ginger

Throughout much of the world, ginger has long been considered a digestive aid. Not only does it pack a punch of potent flavor to every recipe it’s added to, but ginger works as a natural stimulant that energizes your body and improves your overall digestion so that you metabolize your food more efficiently. If you want to feel fuller between meals, consider sipping on some ginger tea throughout the day.

5. Saffron Extract

This ultra-expensive spice has more benefits as an additive to weight loss foods than you might think. Research shows that saffron extract can improve your mood regulation and increase your serotonin levels, a feel-good hormone that affects your happiness.

In the same way, saffron extract can suppress your appetite and reduce your desire to snack throughout the day. And, because of its mood balancing benefits, saffron can reduce depression symptoms and prevent your downcast mood from triggering emotional eating. Some results show that saffron might even be as beneficial for your body as a low-dose prescription antidepressant drug like Prozac.

Likewise, some evidence shows that a chemical in saffron called crocetin can decrease fatigue during exercise and improve your overall performance. To start experiencing the results for yourself, consider taking doses of around 30 milligrams each day.

6. Grapefruit

As cliché as it sounds, eating a grapefruit for breakfast, is a sound way to combat weight gain.Grapefruit has been the focus of dozens of studies about weight loss, and the evidence shows that each serving contains plenty of antioxidants, volatile oils, enzymes and beneficial acids that can reduce your appetite, improve your energy levels, and prevent cravings from becoming overpowering.

The fruit’s distinctive citrus smell might be responsible. Inhaling its scent will impact the functioning of your central nervous system, which alters autonomic nerve signaling to the point that it suppresses your appetite. This leads to better fat metabolism and weight loss over time. There’s no reason to worry if you can’t stand the taste.

Grapefruit essential oil has also been proven to be useful for controlling your appetite and preventing weight gain. You can dab some on your wrist and smell it throughout the day to start experiencing the benefits for yourself.

There’s no reason to go crazy with the scent either, as studies show that three 15-minute exposures to the oil every week are enough for participants to reduce their appetite and better control their weight.

7. Water

Yes, you read that right. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up and before every meal is a great way to make sure that you’re not overeating. Even between meals, when you start to feel hungry or like you need a snack, grab another glass of water and you may just fend off those afternoon munchies that many of us get.

If you get bored of just drinking water, add a few drops of organic lemon juice to it or try mixing it up with sparkling water here and there.

8. Foods High in Fiber

Fiber is a popular natural appetite suppression for a reason – it works!

Dietary fiber can be found in most fruits and vegetables, and they have been used for centuries to promote gut health, improve digestive functioning, and keep you feeling fuller, longer.

Most U.S. adults are eating less than half the recommended amount, so consider increasing your levels to stop yourself from snacking on more calorie-laden options.

9. Spicy Foods

Filling your plate with spicy food will slow you down, which inevitably leads to fewer calories and more satiety from every meal.

Naturally spicy foods like peppers, curry, turmeric, and others can aid the fat-burning process for your body, suppress your hunger levels, and even reduce your cravings for sugar. Studies have found that adding spicy ingredients to high-carb meals can improve the rate that you burn calories, and they also prevent you from relying on higher calorie options like sweeteners and sauces.

Consider sprinkling a few dashes of pepper or hot sauce onto your meals, and you’ll better enjoy the filling, low-calorie foods on your plate.

10. Vegetable Broth

Liquids are remarkable for filling you up, and a warm vegetable broth can work wonders for keeping your weight in check. You can make a low-calorie vegetable soup to fill you up and cut back on more fattening foods, so consider keeping some around for convenient snacking whenever a craving hits. For the best results, consider drinking a cup before every meal to quell hunger pangs that otherwise cause you to overeat.

Appetite Suppression for Better Health

Managing what you eat is important for maintaining a healthy weight, and natural appetite suppressors will make the process easier.

By regularly filling up on one or more of any of the ten appetite suppressors on this list, you can help your body burn calories more efficiently, quell cravings before they get out of control, and bring your body to your ideal weight faster than you think. The benefits are well worth the experimentation.

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