5 Tricks To Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Looking for solutions for better sleep?. Millions of people across the UK find falling asleep or staying asleep a challenge. It can be so frustrating, especially in our daily routine.

The good news is that there are lots of ways it can get a better and achieving a good night’s sleep, ensuring a “wide awake” feeling and ready to face whatever life may have in store.

Stick to a sleep schedule

Erratic sleep patterns could actually be caused by our bedtime habits such as what time we tuck our self at night, and what time we get up. Sleeping in at the weekends, for example, could be more harmful to our sleeping patterns than we think if we usually rise early during the rest of the week. Trying to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day – will help our body to recognise a consistent pattern.

Make bedtime an enjoyable and relaxing experience

We feel tired and jumped under the covers, expecting to fall asleep straight away? we go to bed at 10pm and next thing we know, we’re still wide awake, and staring at a clock that says 2am! taking ourself to bed before we feel tired and creating a relaxing regime that winds down our body and mind so that it knows it’s time for sleep soon? Reading a book or listening to calming music will gently soothe the mind.

No electronic devices allowed

Many of us are guilty of taking our beloved electronic devices to bed with us. Instead of catching up on those Zs, we’re catching up with emails and Facebook. However, these devices emit what is known as “blue light” and this actually emulates natural daylight. That can be really confusing for our body! leaving these devices downstairs on charge, and reading a book instead. we’ll soon notice a difference.

For a refreshing sleep – Try Natural Tea!

Teami Relax  for example, is the perfect Tea before your bedtime routine. This caffeine-free blend of five soothing ingredients helps to relax tight muscles and reduce insomnia. Consumed right before bedtime, it’s a great way to relax and unwind.

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