I like to say (after Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue), “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions.” I stand by this with all of my clients, because you are your biggest competitor, and only YOU can step outside of your comfort zone. So if you have a lot of obstacles stopping you from taking 30 minutes to get a workout in, or going to the gym, there ARE ways to break up a workout throughout your day, and get a little toning in.

How about while you’re cooking, waiting for the spaghetti squash to cook, while grilling your chicken or before making your morning coffee or tea? How about rewarding yourself (mind over matter) with something you enjoy if you get your squats in? (I can’t take my bubble bath until I finish my squats, or I can’t have my last meal of the day until I finish my ab workout.)

Try aiming to do three sets of 100 repetitions (or 50 if it’s push-ups) of SOMETHING a day. I know that sounds weird and like a lot of reps, but if you think about it and break it up throughout your day, this can be done in no time! (Example: 100 squats, 100 tricep dips, 100 butt bridges, 50 push-ups, 100 bicycle crunches, 100 jump squats, 100 kneeling squats- picking one from each main muscle group per day)



  1. While your meal is cooking and dinner is baking, do some squats, leg lifts and lunges. Nothing makes you feel better than a good booty-burn before food!
  2. Before you shower, throw in 25 squats, then before you do your make up or hair, do another 25 squats. Then while your tea is seeping, do 25 more squats!
  3. While waiting for your morning toast, throw some squats in.
  4. During commercials of your favorite show, squat squat squat!
  5. While scrambling eggs, do standing leg lifts.


  • 100 Squats, 50 push-ups, 100 lower ab flutters
  • 100 Kneeling kick-backs, 100 tricep dips, 100 lunges
  • 100 Standing leg lifts, 50 diamond push-ups, 100 sumo squats
  • 100 Glute bridge, 50 single leg push-ups, 100 oblique hip drops

If you break it up to 25 repetitions each time, you can either power through them in a few minutes or split them up throughout the day, totaling four sets of 25. Not too bad, right? You CAN fit this into your life, and you’ll have killer definition in no time. Body weight training (like this) is an amazing way to tone and define your body, and you can thank me for a nice bikini booty later.

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