Fancy A Healthy Pizza For Breakfast?

Okay, who doesn’t love pizza in the morning? This is a great recipe for yummy breakfast pizza, perfect to eat while on your 30 Day Detox!

This is our spin on a Frittata, which is an Italian breakfast omelet. With Frittatas, you broil them in the oven as well as cooking them on the stove top. This makes them super fluffy and delicious.

Personally, my favourite pizza toppings are mushrooms and spinach. But you can use what ever ingredients suits your taste. We used the egg as the “dough”, put fresh roma tomatoes as the “sauce” and then sprinkled it with shredded mozzarella to complete the pizza taste!

You can use whatever substitutions you’d like for this recipe. Feel free to get creative! Just take note of the technique used to make the Frittata and it will turn out great

Happy cooking!!


  1. Slice your tomatoes
  2. Cut up toppings (we used spinach and mushrooms so no cutting was necessary)
  3. Scramble 5 eggs together
  4. Add salt, pepper & parsley
  5. Set your oven to Broil on High
  6. Over medium heat, add 1 tsp of olive oil to your pan (make sure the pan is oven safe and the handle can withstand heat without melting)
  7. Saute mushrooms until soft
  8. Add eggs and stir
  9. Add spinach
  10. Stir the egg mixture until it’s only slightly runny
  11. Put the pan into the oven for 5-8 minutes
  12. Remove from the oven
  13. Loosen the edges so the pizza isn’t stuck to the pan
  14. Plate and slice up into pizza triangles

I know it’s a lot of steps but I wanted to be very thorough so no matter how talented you are at cooking, you could still master this recipe <3



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