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Group Exercise – The Key To Fitness?

Are you stuck in a bit of a fitness rut? Do you feel like you’re close to giving up on the whole ‘gym scene’ and forcing yourself to get through another gruelling at-home fitness DVD?

Well, group exercise might just be the kick up the bum you really need to make healthy lifestyle choices and change your body for the better.

Not everyone gets on well at the gym – there’s nothing worse than entering a room full of experienced and physically fit people when you’re feeling somewhat sluggish and out of shape yourself, but sometimes you just need to push past the daunting feeling and find your flow fitting in. Remember that everybody in that room was once in the same boat you and feed off of their motivation.


That is usually always the key to fitness failures. Obviously exercising is tough and sweat.. Ew!! But unfortunately, you don’t get results and the changes you need and want without getting exhausted and very very sweaty. This is why group fitness is perfect. It’s a lot easier to sustain a greater motivation when there are others oozing out motivation all around you than it is all on your own with a bird’s eye view of the sofa and a jumbo bag of chocolate buttons.

Pain is far more tolerable when you’re in a group atmosphere. When usually your muscles would be screaming and you feel like giving up being at home you probably would, but in a class, you feel a push and carry on despite the pain you’re feeling.

If you’re really stuck in a fitness rut and being at home or working out alone just really isn’t cutting it and getting you the results you want then give group exercise a go. Sign up for a few different classes and find the one/s that are right for you and that you enjoy most and really want to stick with it. Don’t be afraid to go on your own if none of your friends are as enthusiastic as you. Just try it. You may just love it!

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