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Why Do You Keep Failing In Most Diets?

We have all tried diets in our lives.

1.5 Billion around the world are suffering from obesity. Crazy numbers, am I right?

When we decide that we need to do something about how we look, we are looking for diets.

Most of us, trying tonnes of different diets and we never manage to look as half as good as the woman in the banner!

Why is that? What makes us retreat from any diet? even if we found the perfect one for us with an amazing diet menu plan!

I am sure that many of us have found easy to manage with certain menus and to lose weight with good taste, yet we fail.

Here are 3 main reasons that I believe are the biggest obstacles:



I am not saying you need to have willpower. I am sure you have!

You look at your self in the mirror – you know how you want to look, and you desire is being more healthier.

Frankly, there is not one reason why you shouldn’t have willpower.

The problem with willpower that it is like a battery.

The longer you are in the process, the power will gradually run out of charge, and then what?

You get back home after a very disciplined day and you hit the fridge and eat anything that might give you some relief.  ( find here biological info ) 

My tip here is to bear it in mind and realize that you shouldn’t listen to your body – you are your body!



2. Freedom 

Often we feel like we are in a diet jail with a list of all the foods we are not allowed to eat.

If a friend would suggest us a cookie when we on diet, we often would say “oh, I wish but I can’t”.

We feel and behave like as our freedom has been taken away from us and we wait for the day of liberty.

This state of mind is horrific.

We should see this journey as a step to a  TRUE FREEDOM, and not as if we are held in jail.

The best state of mind We ought to hold is a healthy life. Reaching our goals.

We got only one body, Nourish it as best as you can!




Today’s agenda is ÿou only live once” Which is 100% true as much as we know 😉

Although some of us use is as an accuse of enjoying foods in any occasion such as a coffee house with a friend ” oh what the hell, I’m going to order this apple crumble. YOLO, da”

We all been there. cakes at work, birthdays, holidays etc..

And I say:

Why live a whole life unhappily and unsatisfied? fearing from all kind of metabolic issues that can occur?

You only live once! Live it good! 



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