Lisi’s interview – “My life is changed from A to Z”

Hey Lisi, tell us a bit about your personality and lifestyle after you gained weight. Can you say you were 100%  happy with your way of life?

Hey there, so the Lisi that was overweight consisted of being very emotionally hurt, never used to look at myself in the mirror, I hated going out, shopping and I was in constant need of comfort, which I unfortunately found in food. I was afraid to eat anything in public, just because I felt all eyes were on me. My weight was always brought up when I was in school, which made it worse, because I was there everyday. I was anything but happy.

What triggered a change in your lifestyle?

I had gotten to a point where I felt so unhappy with myself, my confidence had hit rock bottom. My weight had a knock on effect on everything in my life, from education, to my emotional state, to my health, and my appearance.

How long did it take from making the decision until Lisi4you actually saw the first results?

Let me just say it didn’t happen overnight. It took weeks of working out and dieting to actually see the results, but once the first couple of lbs dropped off, then all the fat just started to melt off. I would give it a month before making a judgement on switching up workouts or food consumption.

What was the first step?

My first step before anything was getting into the mind frame that I will lose weight, obviously followed on by a healthy nutrition plan, then I incorporated YouTube and DVD workouts into my daily routine.

How did you manage to keep motivated all this time?


Lisi5What are the three best things you did to boost your w
eight loss?

A balance diet (not starving yourself), HIIT workouts, and Teami Tea.

What’s your favourite workout exercise?  And your favourite weight loss recipe?

I love Insanity, as for the recipe a grilled chicken salad has never done me wrong.

Are these Detox Teas actually working? Wasn’t it annoying? Did you have cramps?

Detox teas do work WHEN USED CORRECTLY. I can’t stress this enough. People that invest in those detox teas advertised think that simply by drinking the tea you will lose weight. THAT’S NOT THE CASE. Everything has to be done in combination with a clean diet and regular workouts. I love my detox tea, and I personally haven’t gotten any cramps, but if you leave the tea bag in to long then yes, it will give you abdominal pain whenever you eat after you have drank the tea.

Lisi3How do you feel now?

I feel great, but it’s never enough, you will always want to lose an extra lb.

Could you give a piece of advice to our readers that are trying to lose weight?

Just stick to it, Trust the process, and the process will do you justice.

My weight loss gave me the confidence to be me again, I attended and now graduated one of the most valued universities in the world (UCL), own a very successful blog, and due to start working at one of the top corporate firms.

Never give up on something you really want, you will never know what it will unlock for your future.

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