PyschoTeami: 10 Tips to Stick to Your Diet

Yes, I know that every weekend we promise our selves that next Monday we start a diet!

Thia article would not sum you up what to eat and how or why and when should you exercise, BUT!

It’s not the most important tips to stick your diet as well, but they are the very basic you need to realize and take into action in order to stop declaring every Monday of a new diet.

I have gathered some brilliant tips to help you to actually stick to your diet and reach goals.

Aspired by world known psychologists!


Tip 1: There is no point of changing a diet before you have learnt the skills required, such as how to motivate yourself every day, how to live through hunger and craving, how to get yourself to use good eating habits and the skill to get back yourself on track after falling.

Tip 2: Write all reasons why you desire to lose weight, big small reasons! Motivate yourself to read the list every morning and keep it accessible in case you will need to pull it up when reaching vulnerable moments.

Tip 3: Eat everything while you sit and calm. Enjoy every bite and acknowledge the action of eating instead of eating while watching a video or tv or driving a car – Avoid mindlessly eating.

Tip 4: Stay accountable. Ordain a dog watcher(friend, partner) and report everything you eat, whether or not you have used good eating habits. Weight yourself every day. Deal with reality and stay tuned for changes.

Tip 5: There is not a perfect diet plan or combination of foods so STOP looking for one. Eat healthily and allow yourself to have one favourite food, in moderation, every single day. If you tempted to eat all of the bag(like myself with cashew nuts) just try other foods you like and that you are able to control the amount.

Tip 6: Understand that it’s all about your mindset. Recognise that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want OR you can be thinner. You cant have it both.

Tip 7: Prove yourself that hunger is never an emergency. You can do it by skipping lunch or snacks one day -you will find that hunger is only mildly uncomfortable. Hunger comes and goes, lasting no more than 5 – 10 minutes at a time.

Tip 8: Teach yourself the difference between hunger and craving or the desire to eat. Label what you feel: hunger,  boredom, craving, tiredness, or negative emotion. Distract your self by other powerful interest you may have.

Tip 9: Regularize your eating with a set plan for meals and snacks. Eat only when its time to eat, not when you feel like eating.

Tip 10: Tell your self that every time matters. It’s not necessarily the calories(after all, cookie crumbs are not very fattening). Its the habit. Every time you eat something you weren’t supposed to, you strengthen your giving in muscle, which makes it more likely that the next time you will give in. Every time you stick to your plan, you strengthen your resistance muscle.



Reference: Psychology Today 

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