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Do You Want To Have a Healthier Mind? Relax!

When was the last time that you chilled out? We all lead busy lives, and it can be difficult to fit in some relaxation time. In fact, many of us don’t relax until we fall into bed at night utterly exhausted.

Relaxation is essential for your overall well-being and your mental health. If you’re finding life is getting on top of you, and you’re feeling a little stressed, a few minutes of relaxing can help you to build an effective coping strategy that you can use at any time. In doing so, you’ll feel refreshed and be able to bounce back during those challenging days; you’ll also keep your mind in good health.

Relaxation without the guilt

Do you ever feel guilty for relaxing? Do you feel you should be up on your feet and doing something productive? Well, just stop for a while. Take some time for you. Your body and mind will thank you. Chilling out means something different to all of us, but there are many ways you can rest and soothe your mind.

Here are some of our favourite relaxation techniques:

– Taking a walk in the fresh air and in a green and natural environment where possible
– Sitting in your favourite spot and simply focusing on happy and calming thoughts
– Taking a long, relaxing bath with your favourite bath oils and bubbles
– Reading a good book in a comfortable chair
– Listening to relaxing music – this can actually have a positive impact on your heart rate
– Going to the movies or watching a DVD
– Painting or another relaxing hobby – especially outdoors
– Learning yoga or tai chi

And don’t forget to breathe

If you can’t get away from the stresses of modern life, simply practising good breathing techniques can help you to stay relaxed and focused. When we get stressed, our breathing can become shallow and this can have a negative impact on oxygen flow around the body. In turn, this can cause muscles to become stiff, concentration to decrease and panic to set in. Take some time to focus on your breathing, taking deep breaths in, holding it for a few seconds and then releasing. You can do this anywhere, at any time and it will slowly become second nature whenever you are struggling to cope with life’s little (and big) challenges.

Teami Blends for total relaxation

Another great way to balance your mind, body and soul at any time of day is a soothing cup of Teami Relax. Infused with natural ingredients and so easy to prepare, this is a great way to reduce restlessness and insomnia, calm tight muscles and still the mind. Don’t you deserve a little Teami time?

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