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Stick to your New Year’s resolution

The last few days of the year for most people are days of self-analysis and a reminder that time is not to be wasted, this spurs us on to be even better people.

If you go to the gym you probably notice it is busier than usual in the early days of the year as everybody is on the same mission to fulfil their self-assigned resolutions, and by the end of January, it is empty as it was the day after Christmas dinner.

Research shows that most people give up on their resolution 1-2 months into the year. It is already the 10th and we are approaching the phase of self-doubt this stage separates the weak from the strong, the determined from the irresolute I will be providing you with a few helpful tips so that you can feel as if you conquered 2017 and not defeated by it!

  • Do not make it a secret! – Many people believe they are able to achieve their resolution based on sheer will power alone but we are human, we are social beings and we care what other people think, A LOT! Share your resolution with family and friends, this will motivate you further as now you have an audience if you do fail. Also, this will make sure they are considerate of your resolution around you e.g. if your resolution is to stop eating red meat and your brother is cooking burgers for the family on the weekend, chances are you will break it and you can’t blame your family as you did not inform them of your resolution.
  • Reward yourself on small milestones! – Set yourself mini targets that work towards your greater goals, this way your resolution seems less of a daunting challenge. When you reach these mini milestones treat yourself, this way sub-consciously you will want to continue what you are doing as you feel you are benefiting from it. However, do not reward yourself with something that contradicts your resolution e.g. getting a takeaway when you lost an inch on your waist. This will most likely cause you to relapse as you break your streak and feel as you have already done enough.
  • Visualise! – When you feel disheartened remember that feeling is temporary, and is in light of your bigger picture. Perhaps track your progress so far and work out how long it will take to reach your goal at your current work rate, having a rough time frame puts in to perspective that your goals aren’t dreams! Create mood boards of anything relating to the new person you want to be, start following people on Instagram that have been on a similar journey to you and are now at where you want to be. Create a pros and cons list to remind yourself why you are doing this.

Just remember you are only human and although these tips may aid you in sticking to your resolution other things may get in the way so never beat yourself up. If you relapse into your old ways just stay focused and try to get back on track ASAP.

If you run out of steam allow yourself a short break to pull yourself together and remind yourself how bad you felt at the end of last year. Experts say it takes 21 days for a behaviour to become a habit and 6 months for it to become part of your personality so remember that you will not become your ideal self over night!

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