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Why You Should Stop Counting Calories In Red Wine – And Enjoy It!

With everything you read in the newspaper and see on the news, you might have wondered whether it would ever be safe to tuck into your favourite food, or sip on your ideal drink, again. But, there is some good news to celebrate: if you’re a fan of red wine, that is!

It turns out that Rioja, cabernet sauvignon and the like are basically miracle tipples. So, why the change of tune, and just how many calories are there in red wine? What if we told you to forget about the calorie content of your chosen glass altogether?

Scientists have written a number of studies, including one that has been published in the International Journal of Obesity, which show that red wine, unlike its white or rosé cousins, contains a beneficial compound called resveratrol. This contains antioxidants, the buzzword of the moment, and can also melt brown fat – so say goodbye to those love handles and that spare tyre! Red wine can also help us retain a youthful appearance, something we’re sure you’ll be able to get on board with.

By now you’re probably thinking this all sounds great – wonderful, even – but weren’t we all brought up to believe that alcohol is a definite no-no when you’re trying to lose a few pounds?

Well, you might be surprised to hear that there are 85 calories in a glass of red wine – but even that surprisingly low number doesn’t matter too much, because it’s what you eat while you glug on the vino that does the real damage. So, before you settle down for a quiet Friday night in, chuck the crisps, do away with the doughnuts and say hello to the salad instead! Then, you can really enjoy your evening glass, with no guilt attached whatsoever!

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