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You are What You Eat! moods and Foods

Have you ever noticed a connection between what you eat and how you feel?

Have you ever felt down so you had to eat something sweet because you know it will make you feel better?

The answers to both are probably a big YES.

As we understand mood is highly subjective,  and so our perception of our emotions is easily influenced by beliefs we might hold.

We also have an influence of many other factors that might waver how we currently feel.

It’s worth noting too that most of the studies in this area have monitored effects over longer periods of time — at least weeks or months.

And scientists stressed it’s your diet as a whole that seemed to matter most, rather than homing in on single foods.

Sugar/carbs – fructose, lactose, wheat, sodas, alcohol, starch and more.

We have almost in all of our body glucose receptors so when we are craving for sugar, it’s a biological craving and powerful as a psychological need.

If you have the cravings and you can’t reach chocolate or something sweet to satiate the need, then how would you feel?

When you feel low and moody, you would eat! you won’t make a green salad or quinoa and spinach but you will reach to the ice cream or salty chips ( which are sugar as well).

Have you ever asked yourself why we always looking for the junk food and not healthy food that nourishes us?

Laziness? Self-destruction?

Laziness always a part of everything we don’t do but it’s not the big case here!

It’s your biological body that needs sugar and you feel it within your body!(receptors in legs, internal organs etc)

Our body and brain respond the same way as its responses to heroin.

in order to understand why we love so much sugar, we need to understand the catabolic process:

The brownie hits the tung and activates the tungs receptors.  These receptors send a signal up to the brain stem and from there, it forks off into many areas of the forebrain, one of which is the cerebral cortex.

Different sections of the cerebral cortex process different tastes. in our case is sweet.

From here the signal activates the brain’s reward system! This reward system is a series of electrical and chemical pathways in many parts of the brain.  A Very complicated network as you have figured out but it helps to understand why we get this warm, fuzzy feeling when we eat mummy’s brownie. This winning feeling coming from

This winning feeling coming from the reward system saying mmm, YES!

The reward system is activated also from socializing, sexual behaviour and drugs. Overactivation the system kickstarts a series of unfortunate events:

Craving. loss of control and emotional eating.

Let’s get back to the brownie;

The bite travels down into your stomach and eventually into your gut. there are sugar receptors here too (remember?) They signal to the brain if we are full or if we need more insulin to deal with all this extra sugar we just ate.

Sugar causes dopamine to be released in certain areas of our brain,

as a result, we feel good and happy!

Broccoli doesn’t activate dopamine at all ( we found the reason why kids find it hard to


eat the tiny trees).



Researchers found a direct link between toxins and depression.

We may consume allegedly healthy food such s fruits, grains, green shakes.. but! what environment did these foods grow?

what environment did these foods grow?

How many sprays did the farmers use?

We consume chemicals everywhere. Did you know that carrot used to be purple?

The hands of humans laid on the poor carrot and changed the chemical compound so the colour will be orange and more attractive to eat. Therefore, carrots aren’t pure or 100% healthy.

We breath dirty air, we clean our house with chemicals, we wash our hairs and body with chemical and we eat them!

Luckily, we have a liver and its duty is to cleanse our body from these toxins. but sometimes our liver cant handle with so many toxins.

Symptoms your boy holds too much of them;

  • Headaches
  • Chronic fatigue
  • bloating stomach
  • Loss of appetite, stomach problems or digestive issues
  • Allergenic
  • Reproductive disorders
  • Liver damage
  • Cancer
  • In children, altered neurobehavioral development can occur

What can you do in order to help your body to stay strong and healthy?

Firstly, try to consume organic food if you can allow it, or clean your veggies with salt/vinegar.

Secondly, you can try out our Teami products!

 Teami Teatox Pack can help you look and feel better in just 30 days
  •  Start burning stored fat
  •  Calms muscle spasms and muscle tightness
  •  Naturally, raise energy levels
  •  Detox your internal organs
  •  Feel Lighter
  •  Improve skin complexion
  •  Flush out harsh toxins

Remember, you are what you eat! 


Thanks for reading! For any comments or questions.

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