How Walking Can Have A Wonderful Effect On Your Brain

When was the last time you took a nice walk? We’re not talking about a walk from the city to grab some lunch, or even the walk home from the bus stop. We mean a pleasant and relaxing walk through natural surroundings, such as a park, the woods or even around your own garden.

Studies have shown that spending more time in green, natural spaces can work wonders on the mind and soul. With our busy lives, often spent in the city, many of us forget to make time to be at one with nature for a few minutes each day. Generations ago, before the introduction of modern offices, television and technology, our ancestors spent hours at a time outside both working and enjoying the great outdoors. Times may have changed, but those green, open spaces are still out there waiting for you to discover them and their natural healing and rejuvenating properties.

Step outside and enjoy some amazing health benefits

Being stuck inside all day can actually have a negative impact on the brain and state of mind. Various scientific studies have revealed that city dwellers who do not access natural spaces during their day are more likely to experience psychological problems such as anxiety and depression. However, when the same city dwellers took the time to visit nearby natural environments, they experienced lower stress levels immediately.

Tips for taking a walk in nature – even when you are in the middle of the city

Most cities have green spaces tucked away, and it’s just a question of seeking them out. They may come in the form of a small park, a grassy square or a tree-lined street. Just spending time amidst some green and lush environments can take you away from the craziness of modern day life, and help to recharge your body, mind and soul. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, why not spend some time outside in the mornings watering your plants, having breakfast on the patio, or simply breathing in the fresh morning air?

Enjoy a taste of nature at your desk

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